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CAPTURE 2015 Image Awards

The talent of Arkansas Photographers was well represented this year in our annual Print Competition. Images that make you feel emotion, that move you to another place and time, and that make you want to keep looking at them were in abundance this year. Not all the images entered can be displayed here, but the ones that the judges felt were the cream of the crop are here.

Photographers of the Year With  Scores of 498 
  Kimberly Murphy
 and Kathy Meek

Portrait General Division

First Place General Division         Abby Malone…War Frisbee

Distinguished Prints 

Tamara Smith...Window to the Soul

Amy Jones…Leader Board

Abby Malone…Brrr I Should Have Brought My Fur Coat

Portrait Salon Division

First Place Salon Division   Kimberly Murphy…Leah

Distinguished Prints

Kim Murphy…Emma     

Gary Meek…Bent by Time    

Illustrative General Division

First Place Ed Cooley…Enter the Kingdom

Distinguished Prints

Rebecca Hardgrave…Stacked Deck     

Amy Jones…Up     

Rebecca Hargrave…Spanish Remains   

Kimberly McNabb…Sweet as Sugar   

Illustrative Salon Division

First Place Kathy Meek…City by the Sea

Distinguished Print

Gary Meek…Down Life’s Pathway

Best Photograph of a Woman Gary Meek - Down Life’s Pathway 

Best Photograph of a Man Gary Meek - Bent by Time                   

Best Photograph of a Child Kimberly Murphy - Leah                    

Best Photograph of a Group Kathy Meek - The Swiss Guard         

Best Photograph of an Animal Abby Malone - War Frisbee          

Best Photograph of a Bride Greg Owens - Waiting                        

Best Photograph of a High School Senior Tamara Smith - Window to the Soul

Best Photograph by a First Time Entrant Greg Owens - Waiting     

Cpp Award Kathy Meek…City by the Sea                                       

ASP State Elite Award Kathryn Meek…City by the Sea (93)          

Kodak Amy Jones...Up                                                                      

Lexjet Kathryn Meek...City by the Sea                                              

Fuji Ed Cooley...Enter the Kingdom                                                  

Ben Red Award (Best Photo d├ęcor) Kathryn Meek...City by the Sea

Delores Shrader Award(Best Black & White) Abby Malone - War Frisbee

Pete Major Award (best print of show selected by judges Abby Malone -War Frisbee 

William Hughes Award best print selected by membership  Kathryn Meek…City by the Sea

The Past President's Award   selected by past president's Kathryn Meek…City by the Sea

Judge's Ribbons

Michael Kathy Meek - City by the Sea 

Tina Kimberly Murphy - Leah 

Barry Tamara Smith - Window to the Soul 

Leslie Ed Cooley - Enter the Kingdom    

Dominique Abby Malone - War Frisbee    

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CAPTURE 2015 Print Competition Results

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