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CAPTURE 2018 Image Awards

This years image competition was the first ALL digital competition hosted by the APPA.  Many members entered this year including many first time entrants.  Fantastic images were entered in all categories of entry.   One print even scored a perfect 100!!  Here are the images that won awards at this years competition.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Our Jury Panel this year consisted of:

Tony Corbell, Oklahoma

Dan Ferguson, Texas

Toni Harryman, Iowa

Kristy Steeves, Ohio

Jen Hargrove, Wyoming

David Grupa, Minnesota

Photographer of the Year   


Print Case Score of 512 


Jason Lloyd

"Bundled Bliss"

Portrait General Division "Distinguished Print"
Tony Harryman Judges Choice Ribbon

"Never Let You Go"

Portrait General Division "Distinguished Print"


First Place Portrait, General Divsion
Best Photograph of a Child
CPP Award
Pete Major Award (Best of Show as selected by the Judges)
Kristy Steeves Judges Choice Ribbon
Past Presidents Award (Best of Show as selected by APPA Past Presidents)
Delores Shrader Award (Best Black and White)

"Ticket for Two"

First Place General Division Electronic Imaging

"Maria's Ghost on a Puerto Rican Pier"

"Daughter of the King"

High School Senior Photographer of the Year 2018


Kim Vickrey


"Flower Girl"

"Teen Empowered"

Portrait General Division "Distinguished Print"
Best Photograph of a High School Senior
Best Photograph by a First Time Entrant

Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017


Greg Owens

"What Do You Mean I Only Get One Carry On?"

"Back To The Future"
First Place Wedding General Division 
Best Photograph of a Bride

"Honey I'm Home"
Wedding General Division "Distinguished Print"

Childrens Photographer of the Year 2018


 Jason Lloyd

"Bundled Bliss"


"Never Let You Go"

Portrait General Division

First Place...Jason Lloyd


Distinguished Prints:

Jason Lloyd...."Bundled Bliss"; "Never Let You Go"

Kim Vickrey...."Teen Empowered"

Portrait Salon Division

First Place....Kathryn Meek  


Distinguished prints Portrait Salon Division

Gary Meek  "Bearing the Load"

Gary Meek"  "The Prophet"

Illustrative General Division

First Place....Kim Vickrey  "Icelandics"

Distinguished prints Illustrative General Division

Craig Underwood  

"Land Time Forgot"

Craig Underwood  

"Old China"

Illustrative Salon Division

First Place....Gary Meek  

"Early Morning On the Yangtze"

Distinguished prints Illustrative Salon Division

Robert Seat  


Ron Jackson  

"Southbeach Vibe"

Kathryn Meek   

"Sacred Peaks"

Electronic Imaging 

General Division

First Place....Jason Lloyd  

"Ticket for Two"

Elecronic Imaging General Division Distinguished Prints:

Kim Vickrey


Electronic Imaging Salon Division

First Place...Ron Jackson

"Time Waits for No One"

Distinguished Prints:

Ron Jackson..."Marco"

Ron Jackson..."Memories"

Jim Cunningham..."Amazing Grace"

Wedding General Division

First Place....Greg Owens  

"Back To The Future"

Distinguished prints Wedding General Division

Greg Owens  

"Honey I'm Home"

Commercial General Division

First Place....Greg Owens  

"Sundown on Twelve"

Distinguished Print:

Abby Malone

"Blind, Deaf, Classy"

Commercial Salon Division

First Place....Jim Cunningham


Distinguished Prints:

Jim Cunningham..."Martha's Kitchen"

Ron Jackson..."Wet Dreams"  

Best Photograph of a Man...Gary Meek  "The Prophet"

Best Photograph of a Woman...Gary Meek  "Bearing the Load"

Best Photograph of a Child...Jason Lloyd  "Deep"

Best Photograph of an Animal...Kim Vickrey  "Icelandics"

Best Photograph of a Group...Kim Vickrey  "Icelandics"

Best Photograph of a High School Senior...Kim Vickrey 

"Teen Empowered"

Best Photograph of a Bride...Greg Owens  "Back To The Future"

Best Photograph by a First Time Entrant...Kim Vickrey

"Teen Empowered"

Best Photograph by an Out of State Entrant...

Jane Pendergist...  "God's Kindness In the Eyes of a Child"

CPP Award...Jason Lloyd "Deep"

ASP State Elite Award...Gary Meek "Early Morning on the Yangtze"

Ben Red Award (Best Photo Decor)...Greg Owens "Sundown On Twelve"

Delores Shrader Award (Best Black and White)... Jason Lloyd "Deep"

Pete Major Award (Best of Show as selected by the Judges)...

Jason Lloyd "Deep"

William Hughes Award (Best of Show as selected 

by the membership)...  Jeremy Jines 

"Old Bob"

Past Presidents Award (Best of Show as selected by the past presidents)...Jason Lloyd "Deep"

Judges Ribbons...

Toni Harryman...Jason Lloyd "Bundled Bliss"

Tony Corbell...Ron Jackson "Time Waits for No One"

Jen Hargrove...Kim Vickrey "Icelandics"

David Grupa...Robert Seat "Gerber"

Dan Ferguson...Ron Jackson "Marco!"

Kristy Steeves...Jason Lloyd "Deep"

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