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CAPTURE 2019 Image Awards

This years image competition was an ALL digital competition hosted by the APPA.  Many members entered this year including many first time entrants.  Fantastic images were entered in all categories of entry.   One print even scored a perfect 100 for the second year in a row!!  Here are the images that won awards at this years competition.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Our Jury Panel this year consisted of:

Bryan Welsh, Oregon; Adilfa Ford, Utah; Doug Howell, Missouri

Kristy Steeves, Ohio; Audrey Wanckett, Illinois; Mike Colon, California






Photographer of the Year   


Print Case Score of 509 


Abby Malone

"At Dusk"

First Place Portrait Salon Division 
Pete Major Award "Best of Show as chosen by the Judges"

"Little Doll"

"Distinguished Print" Portrait Salon Divison


"The Dawning"

"Distinguished Print" Illustrative Salon Division

"Girl's Best Friend"


High School Senior

Photographer of the Year 2019


Angi Gibbons

"Not your momma's prom picture"
First Place Portrait General Divsion

"Bat, Ball, Mask - Dressed for Success"

Portrait General Division "Distinguished Print"

"Double Play"


Photographer of the Year 2019


Greg Owens

"Love - It's Just a Kiss Away"

First Place Wedding General Division

"In The Garden of Dreams"



Photographer of the Year 2019


 Jason Lloyd

"Did Someone Say Swag?"

Portrait Salon Division "Distinguished Print"

Best Photograph of a Child

"These Little Piggies"

"Of Crowns and Blooms"

Portrait General Division

First Place...Angi Gibbons

"Not Your Momma's Prom Picture"

Distinguished Prints:

Mike Kemp...."Honor"

Angi Gibbons...."Bat, Ball, Mask - Dressed for success"

Clark Sanders...."The Dreamer"

Portrait Salon Division

First Place....Abby Malone 

"At Dusk"

Distinguished prints Portrait Salon Division

Gary Meek  "A Special Bond"

Jason Lloyd  "Did Someone Say Swag?"

Abby Malone  "Little Doll"

Illustrative General Division

First Place....Rebecca Williams  

"Stages of Bloom"

Distinguished prints Illustrative General Division

Mike Kemp  "Unmoved"

Rebecca Williams  "The Leaf Bug"

Tim Donar  "Ocean Watch"

Illustrative Salon Division

First Place....Jason Lloyd  

"That's My Spot"

Distinguished prints Illustrative Salon Division

Abby Malone  "The Dawning"

Gary Meek  "Backstreet Venice"

Artist Creative - Salon Division

First Place....Ron Jackson  

"Memories of my Youth"

Artist Restoration - General Division

First Place...Wyona Jines

"Soldier Reborn"

Wedding General Division

First Place....Greg Owens  

"Love - It's just a kiss away"

Wedding Salon Division

First Place....Kathryn Meek


Commercial General Division

First Place....Tim Donar

"Boston Harbor Hotel"

Commercial Salon Division

First Place....Ron Jackson

"Tranquil Living"

Distinguished Prints:

Kathryn Meeks..."Modern Marvel"

Best Photograph of a Man...Mike Kemp  


Best Photograph of a Woman...Kim Vickrey  

"Absolute Romance"

Best Photograph of a Child...Jason Lloyd  

"Did Someone Say Swag?"

Best Photograph of an Animal...Jason Lloyd  

"That's my spot"

Best Photograph of a Group...Gary Meek  

"A Special Bond"

Best Photograph of a High School Senior...Clark Sanders 

"Youthful Innocense"

Best Photograph of a Bride...Kathryn Meek  


Best Photograph by a First Time Entrant...Rebecca Williams

"The Leaf Bug"

Best Photograph by an Out of State Entrant...Jen Hargrove

"Open Water"

CPP Award...Rebecca Williams "The Leaf Bug"

ASP State Elite Award...Deborah Billingsley "Morning Lineup"

Ben Red Award (Best Photo Decor)...Ron Jackson "Bridge to a Million Stories"

Delores Shrader Award (Best Black and White)... 

Scott Head  "Buildings in Reflection"

Pete Major Award (Best of Show as selected by the Judges)...

Abby Malone "At Dusk"

William Hughes Award (Best of Show as selected 

by the membership)...  Rebecca Williams "The Leaf Bug"

Past Presidents Award (Best of Show as selected by the past presidents)...Gary Meek  "A Special Bond"

Judges Ribbons...

Mike Colon...Deborah Billingsley "Morning Lineup"

Adilfa Ford...Rebecca Williams "The Leaf Bug"

Audrey Wanckett...Mike Kemp "Honor"

Doug Howell...Ron Jackson "Bridge to a Million Stories"

Bryan Welsh...Jason Lloyd "That's My Spot"

Kristy Steeves...Clark Sanders "The Dreamer"

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